Contract terms and conditions

This project is focused on providing opportunities to new starts into the construction industry or for those who have not worked in construction for over 2 years. You will receive support through an Employment Support Plan to assist you in achieving Sustained Employment. This will require reviews at 3 and 6 months. Your progression and sustainment in the construction industry will then be tracked over a 12 month period. 

You are only eligible for this project if you are employment and site ready. However Landau or its partnerships may be able to provide you training if you are not employment and site ready. 

You must be at least 18 years old (exceptions may be considered on an individual case and only authorised by CITB). You should be employment and site ready prior to your job start date with an Employment Support Plan in place, signed and agreed by all parties. For you to be classed as employment and site ready, you must have engaged with the appropriate training for the jobs being recruited for in your local area. 

You are eligible for this project if you are new to the construction industry or have not been working in the construction industry for over 2 years. If you have been funded by an Onsite Experience Hub then you will not be eligible for this project. If you are a refugee with the ‘Right to Work’ in the UK, and have previously worked within construction in another country, you will be eligible. 

If you are an apprentice or on a traineeship you will not be eligible for this project. 

You must not work within a CITB ‘in scope’ job at time of entering the project. These can be found at 

You are also eligible for this project if you are self-employed but are/ will be working for a construction employer. 

If your employment status changes you must inform Landau (Construction Support Partnership) as soon as possible. We will assist you in finding employment elsewhere. You will need to return to employment within 8 weeks, or you will have to restart on the project. 

For information relating to how your information is processed and used please see your Employment Support Plan. You can find further information explaining your legal rights and how your information is used by CITB and Landau at You can also see Landau’s GDPR and Privacy Notice here

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